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“Books are the doors to dreams” rendering for Iowa City

This cityscape of books represents infrastructure created by ideas. “Books are the Doors to Dreams” imagines the city built from literature influences. The style is influenced by Philip Guston and arrangement by Tom Slaughter. The scene utilizes the black painted wall by setting the scene at night. The contrast of paint colors make the applied layers appear to float. The color starts with mildly toned neutrals then shifts to bright modern hues. This provides architectural contrast to the parallel original brick wall. The close proximity to the public library and community areas additionally influence the playful overall artistic execution to invite all ages of viewers.


A dream inspired the “Big City Dreamscape” drawing. Elements of this drawing are utilized in “Books are the Doors to Dreams.” There are bubbles of dreams floating from building windows, much like in Roald Dahl’s story, the “Big Friendly Giant.” This element is particularly emphasized in the mural rendering. Consideration for including Iowa City authors, artists, and famous University of Iowa graduates on the book images may be added to the concept such as Tom Slaughter does with his book prints and paintings. This seals the UNESCO City of Literature tribute. Books open up doors to new and old worlds, and change the cities around us.


Orilla mural at outskirtz

This mural preserves the history of the town, showing the transition and strength of turning the old railway into a bicycle path.


Ingersoll Spirit mural rendering for ASK! Studios architecture


Clive Greenbelt Trail rendering

Portrait of the waterpath, trail curves and sandbars, and common wildlife


Minimalized abstract shapes to mirror and represent the Clive Greenbelt Trail and Walnut Creek paths

Flowing water, surrounding wildlife, flowers, and similar elements change; the images change.

Each wall mirrors the natural waterflow and shoreline of each segment of the journey.

■Rolling Walnut Creek

■Winding bicycle path

■Shifting patterns in sandbars

■Animals in forests





■Forest brush & wildflowers

■Tree canopy shadows and light

■Abstract simple styles inspired the patterns of the Greenbelt Trail

■Meshing of nature and environment


The Soll renderings

These digital paintings hold symbols to all parts new & old on Ingersoll. When zoomed in to particular sections, this artwork becomes even more abstracted to blend the bright, bold colors in matching the final rendering layout composition.

“Riding the SoLL Waves”



CHerry on top

This work includes symbols from some of the oldest established Ingersoll businesses. These symbols play with the influential styles of Oldenburg’s “Cherry” print, sculptures such as “Spoonbridge and Cherry,” “Crusoe Umbrella,” & “Fallen Cone”, and also the artist Crash’s dynamic use of space.


Collaboration with Van Holmgren at the Lift


Tesoro business sign

Made with stencils and latex paint


Big Acai Bowl floor mural

Made with stencil work, spray paint, and hand detailing



Murals for local business that are painted by hand create a sense of care for the surrounding community.



“Interplay” rendering for Ingersoll

“Reach the Stars” rendering for Big Acai Bowl


“Time throughout earlham”

Art club members in the Earlham community researched the history of Earlham, designs specific elements, and combined them for a collaborative draft. Club members and assistants painted this mural in the Public Library Garden. Supplies were donated by the local hardware store, Hardware Hank. Two first page articles were published about the progress and completion in the local paper, the Earlham Echo.

Our Team

Kenny Morgan

Artist and creative collaborations

Kenny Morgan grew up in West Liberty Iowa. Quickly after high school he went to the university of Iowa for painting. He specializes in painting murals with the typical chosen medium, spray paint. Morgan has traveled around the nation spreading art and embracing the love for its community benefits with a unique urban style inspired by break dancers and the hip hop culture.

Iowa City projects:

Catholic Worker Shelter House: “Murals welcome people to the Catholic Worker House”
Rad Inc: “Alphabet City fills RADinc with graffiti art”


Paint Louis in Saint Louis:

Kat Silentwater


Kat Silentwater grew up in St. Louis Missouri. She graduated from the College of Design at Iowa State, focusing in Printmaking and painting. Kat now calls Des Moines home as a freelance artist. She is responsible for public projects, paints murals, and works on woodblock printing as well.

Kate Allendar

Product Management

Kate Allender grew up in Ankeny Iowa and attended school at Johnston participating in various art classes. Knowing from an early age she wanted to be an artist, Kate was raised with a very diverse variety of different art classes at the Des Moines Art Center and different mentors. Allender is the niece of the artist Fred Truck. Spending a brief time at DMACC in the Graphic Design program, she ended up pursuing a different path through a variety of visual arts. Specializing in bright bold illustrations in acrylic and water color Kate creates a variety of different works with a cartoon imaginative feel. Kate enjoys teaching through community advocacy at the Momentum Gallery and even drawing caricatures for Adventureland theme park guests. Kate sticks to her roots living as an artist in Des Moines, Iowa working on various commissions and projects, including assisting Berkowitz with murals.